Give Your Home a New Year Refresh

Start the new year off right! Use these tips to give your home a fresh look and feel this January.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging your existing furnishing can give a room a whole new look at no cost. Start by moving the largest piece of furniture into a different space and then reposition the smaller pieces.

Boost Lighting

Add more lighting to bring warmth and brightness to your home during the winter months. Use lamps, string lights, candles (real or flameless) or light the fireplace. You could also consider decorating with white for a bright, light look.


You’ve likely acquired some new items over the holidays, making January an ideal time for decluttering. Gather items you’re no longer using and drop them off at a donation center.

Add Flowers

Spruce up your space with fresh flowers! Research shows that living with fresh flowers can significantly reduce stress and foster creativity.

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