How Do I Get My Home Ready to Sell?

1. Declutter

First, you’re going to need to edit down and reduce the items in the home. Make the home open and breathable for people to come in and see their life in it!

2. Clean

Second, you’ll have to clean the home! Get it in deep, you’ve got to get the elbow grease in- or maybe even hire a professional to come in. Think appliances, think bathrooms, think everywhere someone might touch- doorknobs, handles, things like that. Get everything clean and smelling fresh!

3. Curb Appeal

Think- when a buyer walks up to your home, what are they going to see? Improve curb appeal by doing simple things like getting the front of the house and walkway power washed, adding some nice plants/greenery, cleaning off the front patio porch, and painting the front door. Make it look fresh and new!

4. Obvious Repairs

If you have something that has to be fixed, do it now before a buyer sees it. Do all your deferred maintenance, things like a furnace or air conditioning tuneup. Everything should be done before the home goes on the market.

5. Painting

Lastly, if we’re going to invest some money, put it into painting! Painting is always the best way to make the house feel fresh and new, or at a minimum, you want to touch up those spots, nicks, and plaster holes, things like that on your walls to help make everything look fresh and clean.

There are your five tips, we hope this helps! If we can help you, give us a call at 978-494-0346!

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