Ways to Liven Up Your Time at Home

Need a little inspiration to mix up your family’s routine? Try these outside-of-the-box activities to liven up your time — you could even emerge with some positive memories.

Dinner ‘Round the World
Host a global family dinner! You can prepare each course from a different country, or cook the entire meal using one country’s cuisine. Take it a step further by researching music and fashion from each country and create a vibe that makes it feel like you’re actually there.

Stay in, Work Out
Transform your living room into a gym. Look for great workouts on YouTube, or even Facebook or Instagram Live, and make it part of your routine. It will feel like you’re right there in class with the instructor, plus you’ll get some energy out.

A Family Friendly Competition
Game night, anyone? Choose one night a week to play a board game, card game or even a group video game, and raise the stakes by making it a mini family tournament. Let each family member take a turn picking the game.

The Art of the Matter
Make a craft with your family using supplies you already have. Have some fun getting resourceful — how can you and the kids turn those empty cleaning wipe containers and cardboard paper towel tubes into masterpieces? Display the work in a family “gallery” in your home.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Create a list of items you could find around the neighborhood — a house with blue shutters, a green front door, a certain type of car, etc. Get outside* with your kids to identify these things on the list. Make it a neighborhood activity with an album on Facebook or Nextdoor to post photos of your finds!

These are difficult times. If there is anything we can do to safely assist you and your family right now, please do not hesitate to call — we are here for you.

*It is important to follow your city’s guidelines for going outside.