Preparing Your Home for an Emergency

Use these tips to help prepare ahead of an expected natural disaster or significant weather event.

Emergency Planning for your Home

Preparing Your Home

Taking the time to prepare ahead of time can help keep your family safe, as well as reducing possible damage to your property.


• Trim any branches that could fall on your home. Move any outdoor furniture and potted plants to a place that they won’t become airborne.
• If you have a generator, test it ahead of time. Have enough fuel for extended use.
• Check windows to make sure they are closed or prepared for severe weather. Check for loose shutters.
• To avoid possible flooding, make sure downspout extensions are properly attached to drainpipes.


• Have a flashlight (and extra batteries) for each member of the family and in each room.
• Charge cell phones and have extra chargers on hand.
• Have water and non-perishable food in case the power goes out.
• Have a room set up with supplies (food, water, blankets) that your family can shelter in if needed.
• Pack a week’s worth of clothing for each family member.

Preparing Your Vehicle

In case of an unexpected emergency (such as a breakdown) or an anticipated one (such as an evacuation due to a weather emergency) it’s important to make sure your car is in good shape and that you have the right supplies on hand.

Basics to Always Have in Your Car

• First aid kit.
• Blanket.
• Non-perishable snacks.
• Cell phone charger.
• Bottled water.
• Window hammer.
• Flares or reflective triangle.
• Jumper cables.
• Spare tire.

If You Live in a Cold Climate

• Cat litter or sand (for extra traction).
• Shovel.
• Ice scraper/brush.
• Antifreeze.
• Extra gloves.

During an Evacuation

• Full tank of gas.
• Check oil and wiper fluid.

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