The Scoop On Solar Panels

Scoop on Solar Panels

Homeowners wanting to go a step further to reduce their energy consumption may want to look into generating their own electricity. Solar technology has improved over the years and the panels have become more affordable, making it a viable option for more households. What are solar panels? Solar panels generate DC electricity during the day […]

Avoid the High Costs of Unexpected Home Repairs

Avoid the High Costs of Unexpected Home Repairs

When it comes to keeping up your home’s surfaces, systems and appliances, there are a number of things you can do yourself throughout the year to ensure they last as long as possible. On the other hand, some problems can become increasingly expensive to remedy or could even lead to dangerous malfunction if they are […]

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Show

5 tips to get your home ready to show

Although the majority of buyers will see your home online before they see it in person, the time to prepare your home for showings is before you list it. 1. CLEAR THE CLUTTER Make sure potential buyers can picture themselves in your home by clearing away the unnecessary clutter that prevents them from seeing its […]

Prepare for an Emergency

Home Tip - Build Your Emergency Kit

An emergency kit will help keep you and your family safe. Use this checklist to help you assemble your own kit. DOCUMENTS Important documents include: • An emergency plan with contact information, two ways to evacuate the home and a designated meeting place • Important documents in a fire-proof safe, an expandable folder or on a portable storage device • […]

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements When Selling a Home

When selling a home in Massachusetts, you must obtain a smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificate from the local department of fire services that states the home is in compliance with current code requirements. There is a Massachusetts state code for this requirement, and that code varies based on the type of dwelling and the […]