What’s the Difference Between Registered Land & Recorded Land?

What's the Difference Between Registered & Recorded Land?

Is your home REGISTERED LAND or RECORDED LAND? Do you know the difference? Don’t be surprised if you don’t. Learn what it is and how it affects your home buying and selling process in the latest episode of Ron’s Real Estate Minute! Read More

Was Real Estate on Santa’s Nice List in 2013?

Was real estate on Santa’s nice list in 2013, you bet it was! 2013 was the 2nd consecutive year where home values increased both local and nationwide. Locally in Massachusetts the number of Single Family homes sold were up by 7.6%, Condominiums up 10.9% and Multi-Families up 4%. Sales prices for Single Family homes sold […]

What’s Your Offer Strategy?

Whats your offer strategy to purchase real estate

You’ve been searching for weeks or months and you’ve finally found it. Now what? How do your write an offer that has the best chance of being accepted on the first shot? You’d be surprised how much goes into analyzing the situation to determine how you should proceed. Writing an offer is SERIOUS business, and […]

“Reality” Home Shows – My Personal Experience

You know the shows and we know you love to watch them. So much so, there are multiple stations devoted to every facet of the housing industry. All the bases are covered, you name the topic and there is a show for it. But are theses shows actually real? Can you trust the outcomes, did […]

Are Home Sellers REQUIRED to Disclose Condition in Massachusetts? – Video

If you’ve been out shopping for a home, or even trying to sell one, you’ve probably come across a multiple page form known as a Sellers Disclosure Statement. It’s been our experience that most sellers do fill these out to provide some insight on the homes condition. However there are some sellers who refuse to […]

How Buyers Can Win a Multiple Offer Situation – Video

You’ve likely heard about homes selling with multiple offers. This happens when either (or both) of the following conditions are met; First, when there’s a shortage of inventory available to meet buyer demand, or second when a home is strategically priced for its condition and market place to generate multiple offers quickly. No matter what […]

Update Your Home or Buy a New One – Part 2

In our previous post we discussed the Life Concerns and Questions you need to explore when considering if its best to update your home and stay or sell and buy a new home. In this segment we’ll go over the Economic concerns and questions to consider. Answering the economic concerns will take much more effort, […]